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Friday December 7th 2007

How do you not like someone who understands that you are so tired and sleep deprived that you ate a corn dog for dinner, and made you feel that it was okay?

How do you not like someone who when they call and you say "I am so frustrated right now, I am going to cry, can I call you back" and completely unphased they respond "I think that is a good idea" without judgement. And later, when you call him and say that you started your first period in 3.5 yrs and you are all emotional and your son had a perpetual temper tantrum in Target ending with their intentional breaking of your much needed wine glass at home causing you to cry with frustration-they did not judge you, instead told you how understandable it was.

My dear friend. Who has known me for awhile. Who I had a date with a few weeks ago. Who seems to not judge me no matter what I say or do. I seem to be getting more and more attracted to this person who lately I never see, who lives this crazy married, not divorced, but not together life, with a wife I am friends with. Complicated, simple and so strangely slow and peaceful.

When a friend said the other day "Oh I know that you want to spend every waking minute with him" and I replied "No, actually I don't-the only person I want to spend as much time with as possible is Aidan" I knew it was different for me. And cool. And Slow, and all the other things relationships have never been for me.

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