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Thursday February 19th 2009

For the past (almost 2!) years, I've been working on a number of TV shows about women and babies, ironically enough! OMG! Sextuplets! aired on WE (Women's Entertainment) in November, 2008, and followed the lives of an Arizona couple with sextuplets. The show was picked up for series and will begin airing in March, 2009 on WE. Check it out!

My next gig was a show called Quads with Two Moms that aired on Discovery Health (2008 - 2009) about a lesbian couple (Karen & Martha,) who had four babies at once (each mom carried twin!) It was a really fun show and I loved getting to know Karen, Martha, their 4 babies, and daughter Julia. Click here for the website. Karen and Martha also appeared in People magazine, which was very exciting. Click here for People article.

Believe it or not, I'm working on yet another baby-themed show called Deliver Me which airs on Discovery Health, Tuesdays at 10pm (2008 - 2009.) Click here for the website.

Maybe Baby is for sale to the educational market through New Day Films (click on Buy the film) button. Dozens of universities have bought the film, which makes me very excited knowing that students can discover the lives of women in the film and their incredible stories.

Maybe Baby is finally available for rent (DVD) at Video Journeys in Silver Lake.

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