This area is somewhat of a work in progress. In due time, we'd like it to be a destination for ideas. A meeting place to share stories, information, advice, and photos. When it's up and running, our interactive features will include a message board to communicate with other women and bulletin boards to post photos, news, recommendations, and hot tips.

We also hope to inspire conversation about social action and advocacy so you can stay abreast of fertility issues (like the need for insurance coverage for reproductive health!)

But for now, we're going to redirect you to some really great forums and blogs for aspiring moms, moms-to-be, and well, you get the idea. Please feel free to email us about blogs and forums you like and we'll add them. (Resolve's message boards. Very good) (read about it in the New York Times) (probably the most amazing mommy blog ... ever) (what we aim to be when we grow up) (SMC, the grand-mommy of them all) (mothers via egg donors)