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A beautiful film.  Poignant, moving, and important.

-Debora L. Spar, President Barnard College Author of "The Baby Business"


A frank and intimate exploration of single women pursuing motherhood  in a brave new world of technology, absent partners and biological clocks that may run out. O'Rourke's casting, the trust she engenders from her subjects, combined with the clarity she brings to the medical and cultural issues involved, make for a timely and compelling film.

-Amanda Pope Associate Professor University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts


Shannon O'Rourke's Maybe Baby is extremely engaging, intimate, and ultimately highly educational. O'Rourke invites us to experience first-hand the very real issues and dilemmas of single women trying to conceive, and the effect is powerful, going beyond emotionally satisfying portraiture to deliver sharp insight regarding contemporary American values and notions of family. Maybe Baby also demonstrates the power of immersive documentary filmmaking, as O'Rourke was clearly closely involved in the lives portrayed on screen, relationships from which viewers, students, and advocates for these issues will ultimately benefit.

-Annie J. Howell, Assistant Professor of Media Studies and Film, The New School

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