Maybe Baby the Movie
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At 41 years old when we first meet Audrey, she's lived a full life. She's got a PhD, teaches biology, is the Director of Undergraduate Research at UCLA, owns a house, and has traveled. When she turned 40, though, she realized she still had one goal left: mother. Audrey pursued pregnancy with the tenacity and determination of a prize fighter (another title she holds despite a lifelong health condition.) On the brink of giving up after trying to get pregnant for 2 painful years, Audrey finally found success. Audrey's fraternal twins, Adam and Kaylee, were born in April, 2006.

Here's what helped Audrey through her process:


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  • Dr. Hal Danzer, Southern California Reproductive Center
  • Deborah Burgess - post partum doula


  • Acupuncture with Dr. Martin Cousineau
  • Hynotherapy with Dr. Holly Jebb
  • Maori Healers from New Zealand (Anna Verwaal)