Maybe Baby the Movie
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Barbara has lived 9 lives. She worked for corporate America, she was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Poland for three years, and when we started filming, she was designing kitchens and working in sales. Mother, however, is the job she covets most. Although she'd been thinking about having a baby for 10 years, Barbara didn't start the fertility process until she was 44 years old. She has reason to be hopeful, however. Her great-grand mother gave birth when she was 50 years old. Barbara is still hopeful.

Here's what helped Barbara through her process, in her own words:

When I think back to how I got thru the entire process, it just seems like a long time ago. The anticipation was the thing that made it difficult for me so I didn't make any plans at all. I recall talking to the social worker and her asking what my plans are for childcare. Curiously, I looked at her and stated that I don't know what I'll do. When I get pregnant I'll have got six to nine months to figure it out. I pretty much went through the entire process with the idea that we'll see when it happens. This is not like me. I am usually one to obsess and lose sleep. Ask any of my friends.

If I learned one thing is that having something else to focus on makes me less obsessive. If I'm busy with something else, couldn't possibly have time to think about "what if". I became guardian to a 17 year old teenager in his last year of high school. I'm not saying to go out and get a teenager but guiding him, coaching him and spending time with him occupied my time and my mind. A volunteer project or taking a class is something else that can be done. Anything to get around people and out of my head.